Most Notable 2014 Resort Fashion Trends

by sarah on August 8, 2014

In 2014, the resort girl is no longer a Southern (or Southern California) Bell. She is too cool to care about strict fashion rules, and she can totally get away with it. 2014 resort trends for womens clothing all had one thing in common. They showed a type of style that was global. After all, a girl with wanderlust and a taste for adventure is anything but a fashion victim.

Classic Sailor-Inspired Trousers and Tops

The maritime theme is arguably one of the biggest ways to show wanderlust and travel. However, 2014 resort wear neatly combines a polished woman with a tomboy. This “boy meets girl” look shows women in loose trousers and nautical tops. Many designers have taken it a step further and made the nautical look more prominent with dark navy blue and white colors. This trend does not resemble a costume, and real women can easily pull it off. Let’s face it. Not everyone is 5’11 and weighs 115 pounds.

Sophisticated Suede Safari Wear

Ditch the drab khaki this year, and replace it with luxurious, light suede. Combat the chilly ocean breeze in comfort and style without having to match everything. After all, checked baggage is not as affordable or practical as it used to be. Neutral colors and the right tailoring make suede resort wear timeless. This trend might not go away for a while.

Fun on the Beach

The surfer crowd has inspired some of the most notable fashion trends in the late 2000s and early 2010s, such as the group of Australian surfers that turned a furry boot into an American sensation. The 2014 resort girl isn’t afraid of color, and she isn’t afraid to wear practical footwear. Womens clothing has changed from limited options to a “no rules” approach. Ditch the perfect heels this summer, and grab a pair of clunky sandals to go with a maxi dress. Tropical patterns, mixing prints, and embracing offbeat style is what this trend is all about. It is possible to be polished, easy, and turn heads.

Throwback Styles and Colors

Vintage styles and bright colors have been seen in many trends this year, and resort wear is no exception. You don’t have to be a “pink person” to wear pink. The right shade of muted pink paired with easy trousers is what 2014 resort wear is all about. Instead of primping and matching, put together a look fit for fun. Mix different colors, textures, and patterns for a fashion-forward resort outfit.

The Globetrotter With Confidence

One of the best ways to summarize the diverse 2014 resort wear trends is the globetrotter. These trends are designed for the young fashionista, the mother of six, and the newlywed. Instead of worrying about when you should wear the color white, worry about what makes you look and feel good. The key to wearing the latest trends is confidence. Find colors and cuts that you want to wear, and take each outfit up a notch with luxurious fabrics. You never have to worry about losing an expensive diamond bracelet or ruining a pair of leather stilettos while on vacation again. Instead, embrace what being young is all about, and complete your “boy meets girl” story with some of your favorite 2014 resort wear trends.





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