Frugal ways to save on school supplies at major office supply stores.

by Alison on July 15, 2014

How to sign up for FREE customer cards for teachers and consumers at office supply stores. A math class we can all like with adding the savings.

Back to school??? Say it isn’t so.

Ah! I said it, “school supplies”. Can we enjoy the Summer before stores stock the shelves with school supplies? Well, if the supplies are out, we might as well get some bargains, right!

Join Office Max teacher appreciation day for a free tote and special offers. If you homeschool, teach Sunday School or lead a group you might qualify for a teacher discount. Ask for the application in store or sign up online. I homeschooled my kids for years and used the teacher card for discounts. Teacher discounts often let you buy more than the customer quantity of sale items. I stocked up on supplies to get us through the school year in one trip.  See the web site for dates and locations of teacher appreciation day.

Office Max and Office Depot have joined together. Check Office Max sale ad for deals on school supplies for 1 cent. That’s a bargain!

Join Staples Teacher Rewards for 5% back on supplies, special offers, and events. Apply online or in store.  Check out Staples “Less List” for savings on the school list.

Find out how to donate or get FREE school supplies for military families in the Back to School Brigade.

Print coupons for school supplies to add to the savings:



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