Boltwell All-in-One Kits Make Emergency Prep Easy

by sarah on July 4, 2014

{I was sent a Boltwell B*101 kit for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.}

When the winds pick up and you are chased from your house in a hurry or your car breaks down, the natural temptation is to start at the moment of an emergency grabbing everything you might need or look for the items you need that aren’t there because, guess what? You didn’t plan ahead. Shame on you. Now there is an easy answer.

When the founder of Boltwell went online to crowdsource and see what others thought might be necessary in an emergency kit, he found a lot of camouflage, “prepper” panic and gloom-n-doom. He decided to take a positive approach and put together properly tested kits that are easy to buy and restock just like a medical emergency kit but for every occasion.

The B*72 Kit is the basic foundation kit Boltwell sells with a little bit of everything, including the fun and useful items you might not have considered. This kit includes supplies for 2 for 72 hours and sells online for $325.


Included in the B*72 are the following items sorted by category:

Tools: Duct Tape (Mini Roll), Headlamp, 4-in-1 Emergency Tool, Pocket Lantern, Pocket Stove, Disposable Lighter, Waterproof Matches, Multi-Tool, Glow Light Sticks (3).

Hydration: Water Purification Tablets, Stainless Steel Cup, Nalgene (R) Water Bottles (2)

Hygiene: Hand Sanitizer Pen, Dry Shampoo, All-In-One Toothbrush (2), Quick Dry Chamois Towel (2), Disposable Toilet Bag (6), Bathing Wipe (6).

Shelter: Nylon Twine, Tube Tent, Trash Bags (2), Fleece Blanket (2), Rain Poncho (2), Hand Warmers (6).

Medical: Medical Kit, N95 Masks (6).

Communication: Permanent Marker Pen, Weather Radio, Whistle (2), Reflective Vests (2), ID Tag (2).

Nourishment: Protein Shot (w/Caffeine) (2), Vanilla Food Bar (6), Lemon Food Bar (6), Raspberry Food Bar (6),

And, because not every family is the same, there are add-on kits covering floods, earthquakes, power outages, germ warfare, hurricane, pet emergency, fire safety and more. If you need to restock, you can also buy individual items. I need a new multi-tool now that I gave mine as a birthday gift to a friend whose husband is overseas with the National Guard for 6 months. I thought she needed it more than I did at the moment. There was a critical moment when the bracelet I also gave her needed a tag removed. The multi-tool in the same birthday bag came to the rescue.

Oh, I really like the firesafety ladder and the pet first aid I see on the site too. It’s hard to stop shopping. I see so many things that would be useful.

Here are the items I received in my B*101 kit:

boltwell emergency kit

And, in case you can’t see it clearly above, here is one of the most useful things pictured below on a looonnnnggg car ride with little kids: Anywhere Toilet Kit. A special PooPowder solidifies liquids into an odorless gel and helps deodorize solids until you can dispose of the bags. Useful for vomit too. Lovely, right? But, quite useful because, you know, life is messy that way.

Boltwell Toilet Kit

For more information and to buy your own pre-thought, pre-prepped, pre-tested emergency kits, head over to

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