Thank a caregiver this Father’s Day, send them a note on AARP’s The Thanks Project

by Alison on June 6, 2014

Thank a caregiver this Father’s Day. Let them know their care is noticed and appreciated in The Thanks Project from AARP where you can write a note to them.

Do you care for your Dad or Mom? Are you thinking it might be time to help mom and dad out with their household management, their health care, or safety? Do they need help paying their bills, cutting the lawn, cleaning the house, or transportation? How do you know when or how to help a loved one? I have questions, and AARP has answers!

Across the country 42 million people, primarily women, between the ages 40 – 60 are faced with the challenge of providing care to their older loved ones every day. They may not know it, but they are caregivers, and they play an extraordinary role in supporting those we love.

If you are a caregiver or it might be time for you to be a caregiver to  a loved one or know someone who needs care, ARRP has resources available for you.
o    Caregiving Planning Guide for Families

o   12 Resources Every Caregiver Should Know About

New research from AARP suggests that caregivers can take a tremendous toll on a caregiver’s personal health and general well-being. Many caregivers do not self-identify as such and can be reluctant to ask.

This Father’s Day visit  The Thanks Project, an online platform that enables caregivers to publicly recognize the parents whom they care for.


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