Prepping for Warm Weather: Irrigation Systems For Your Property

by sarah on March 6, 2014

Despite the cold weather, we have some summer planning to share to get you in the mood and ready for warm-weather entertaining. During the summer, most people get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and warmer temperatures. Families have cookouts in the yard, neighbors are taking walks in the neighborhood and kids are riding bikes. In these times, having a healthy lawn makes these outings more enjoyable for your family, and it increases your home’s appeal at the same time. Having a nice lawn starts by making sure the grass is taken care of and that it has what it needs to stay healthy and grow. Naturally, the lawn needs plenty of good drinking water to stay healthy.

A good lawn irrigation system, like the Leesburg Irrigation Systems you can find at Hydro-Tech Irrigation, Co. and other irrigation companies, help commercial property owners and homeowners keep their property hydrated well by using an automated sprinkler system. Usually set to operate on a schedule, these systems water grass at specific times and durations. For those who aren’t home that often or just so busy that they cannot take care of the grass themselves, the irrigation system will do the watering for them. There are several other benefits you get from having an irrigation system installed.

The first benefit is that the lawn gets all the water it needs; nothing more and nothing less. Grass becomes unhealthy as a result of underwatering, where the grass isn’t getting enough water; and overwatering, where the grass is watered too much. Irrigation systems, especially those that detect rainfall, give the grass just the right amount of water keeping it as healthy as possible.

Next, using an irrigation system helps to conserve water. When an irrigation system is providing a certain amount of water to a specific area as opposed to someone manually watering the grass and potentially using too much water, you will cut down on usage and the amount of your water bill.

Another benefit is that you can leave home for a short period of time, for instance to go to work or on a short business trip or vacation, and be gone a few days never worrying about whether the lawn is watered or not. An automatic watering system keeps on operating whether you are home or not, watering the grass at certain times of the day to make sure it’s sustaining itself and growing. If you happen to be someone who forgets to water the lawn, an irrigation system is very helpful.

If you’re looking for the perfect solution for your lawn and want to save money and time, consider an irrigation system for your property.


Guest Post by Hydro-Tech Irrigation, Co.

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