How to get a free month of Netflix and watch your favorite movies on your comfy couch.

by Alison on February 27, 2014

Netflix is offering a free month of movie watching at home or away on most any device you own. Do you have a favorite movie? I have a few favorites. If I happen to find them on television I watch them again, but I never seem to time it right to watch the entire movie. There are a ton of movies I’d like to see for the first time which is easy to do with Netflix. Watch movies on your schedule, not the television channel’s schedule.

Choose your favorite movies and relax on your own comfy couch without the theater commotion. I can safely say any movie I have been to in the past few years has been noisy with people talking during the show. And how about all those bathroom or snack runs of people climbing over you to get to the exit. Where do I sign up for Netflix!

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