Worried About Bad Grammar? 5 Easy Ways to Edit Yourself!

by sarah on December 21, 2013

(Note: I use Grammarly for proofreading because I like clicking the ignore button over and over and over. Please don’t blame Grammarly for any problematic writing below. It’s not their fault, I promise.)

No matter where you are writing – online, offline, in a Christmas card, on a notepad, or wherever — people will judge you by how well you write, especially the older the reader.

We read the news, we read articles, we read reviews on Amazon, we read updates on blogs and in social media. If you don’t edit yourself and watch your spelling and grammar, people simply won’t take you seriously. Want people to care about what you write? Then, care about your writing.

Here are 5 easy ways to make sure you are writing something readable:

1. Check your text messages, Facebook posts and tweets before hitting your send buttons. As many of us know, auto-correct can really change the meaning of what you are saying. Do you have  a particularly funny one to share?

2. On blogs, PowerPoints and word documents, USE YOUR SPELLCHECK!

3. When in doubt, read it out loud. Listening for the pauses in your writing does wonders for comma use. Listening for awkward phrases cleans up the tone and flow of the piece.

4. Use the online editing tool Grammarly.com to paste in your text and easily see your errors and then choose to use or ignore suggestions.

5. Once you post it and you think everything is right, read it again!

We are all in such a hurry. It’s time to slow down and think a little more carefully what we are “putting out there.” Your writing is your online resume. Let it really represent who you are.

(Disclosure: I received a short-term subscription to try Grammarly.com for this review.)


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