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by sarah on December 17, 2013

gift card rescueGiftCardRescue.com came to my attention via email and among my many emails these days, this one stood out to me. Wow, I can sell the gift cards I don’t want and buy other ones for cheap?! How cool is that?!

I was sent a $25 Target gift card to try out the program. I chose to NOT sell my Target card since I have a couple of Targets near me and I love my Target but I did see some other cool gift cards for stores near me that I would love to buy at a discount.

How it works:

It’s easy – you can BUY or SELL Gift Cards.

BUY: You can buy gift cards online and save up to 35% off and get free shipping. Major retailers like Target were being sold at a relatively small discount (4.5% at the time of this post); but, stores like Claires were as high as 23% and DEB Shop at 30%. It’s worth it to look up the highest percent stores and see if one is near you. There are a limited number of gift cards for sale. One of our favorite new stores Tilly’s was at 40% but was out of stock at the time I looked.

BULK BUYING: You can also buy in bulk if you have a lot of people to shop for.

SELL: Enter the store and amount and expiration date to learn what your card can be sold for. Send in your card and get cash or a gift card exchange. Exchange your gift card for an Amazon.com gift card and get 5% more over the cash payment.

gift card exchange

At the time of this post, my $25 Target card was worth $22.25 in cash so I decided to keep and spend it myself. There is too much I want at Target to give up a dime, however much I like Amazon too.

I do hope this grows because I would love to see more cards at a deeper discount!

You can keep up with Gift Card Rescue on Facebook, Twitter and their blog to name a few.



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