Have your home inspected for foundation damage now before you move and make repairs.

by Alison on October 1, 2013

Before you have your home appraised for sale, it’s important to go through the routine of having it inspected and patching up what needs work. Damage from parasites should be repaired, corroded pipes should be replaced, and so forth. However, the standard routine sometimes overlooks very important details that appraisers won’t overlook: the home’s foundation. The foundation of the home is critically important. Damage to the foundation can compromise the structural integrity and safety of the rest of the home.

Having your foundation inspected for damage and seeking repair services for it is a good move for anyone intending to sell a home. Preemptively locating foundation problems and having them repaired spares you the trouble of seeking more than one appraisal. If you have your home appraised before you take the time to repair your foundation, the appraiser is likely to find fault with it that will then require attention followed by a second appraisal to re-list your home at a better value.

Foundation inspection and repair is a particularly hot topic in real estate markets that are prone to storms and tornadoes. If you live near Dallas, Austin or Plano foundation repair becomes an even more pressing subject because those are areas that will more frequently see damage to foundations. This makes it something appraisers look for more sharply and penalize harder for, so it’s an even better idea to take care of such issues before you bother to have your home’s value appraised.

Repairing the foundation of a home isn’t a task that a do-it-yourselfer is equipped to perform. Very little can damage the foundation of a home that isn’t catastrophic or very gradual. Tree roots are a common offender, as they are ubiquitous and can wear a foundation down over time. Earthquakes and other natural disasters are less common, and harder to miss. Water damage over time is also a possibility, meaning nearly anyone could have undetected foundation damage.

Selling your home requires presenting it in the best light, which requires presenting having it solidly-built and ready to face inspection and scrutiny. If your home’s foundation has never been inspected or repaired, it could be damaged without your knowledge. It’s much better to discover this on your own terms than it is to allow yourself to be told by an appraiser that you have a problem to solve. Get your repairs done in advance and you’ll only need to have your home appraised once

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