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by Alison on October 18, 2013

This year I have been to two baby showers, and another one next month.  It is exciting to have all the new babies in our extended family, but that also means looking over baby shower registries. I just came across this site called Deals for Mommy where you can sign up for free, and get all kinds of deals, savings, and coupons for the brand you know and trust. From baby needs to Mom needs let Deals for Mommy find the best prices out there.

Don’t tell, but  I bought a 10 mini tins of Christmas cookies today at the grocery store, because they were 10 for $10. It’s a great little gift to keep on hand for adding to a gift basket, for the teacher, or to take to a dinner party. I know it is early, the cashier even said, “really”?  I did not know about the 10 for 10 deal and was glad to find a bargain. Maybe I should have taken a quick look over the sale ad, but I went to this particular store for one thing, and came out with more than that, don’t you know.

Make a shopping plan and find who has the best deals where you shop with Deals for Mommy.

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