Coupons for Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem

by sarah on October 22, 2013

After writing about Medifast, I had one reader ask about other weight loss systems so I wanted to offer current savings opportunities from other well-known companies such as Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem.



Weight Watchers continues to grow and develop after 50 years. The most recent program includes a points based program that requires accountability via logging points related to food choices. Weight Watchers offers some food options that are engineered to fit the points based program. Weekly weigh-ins give accountability and live instruction at local meetings, give participants a chance to connect with others who are also losing weight. You can also use an online program to follow along as well.


I followed Weight Watchers several times after my children were born over 16 years and lost a good 20-25 pounds each time. It’s a great program and like any, you just need to follow it. I stopped doing as well on that program when I didn’t have time to go to the meetings. Accountability is king! Just keep your records tight and stick to the plan and it works.

Promotions For Weight Watchers (source)

  1. Weight Watchers Online: Save $29.99 if you sign up for the 3-months savings plan
  2. Weight Watchers Monthly Pass: Get over 30% off you first month of Monthly Pass. Pay only $29.95 for the first month – an average of less than $7 per week. After the first month, pay just $42.95 for each additional month.




According to the description, Nutrisystem is “based on 40 years of science” and is a meal replacement place which has participants eating nutritionally balanced food engineered for maximum healthy living and the development of healthy habits for life. Nutrisystem promotes low glycemic “good carbs”, smart carbs, protein rich foods, power fuels and personalized activity plans. Transition and maintenance plans help you adapt back into grocery store shopping and dining out with a smarter eye on your health.


I have had no experience with Nutrisystem. I know other people who have been able to follow their plan and were completely satisfied with the results. I have never heard anything bad about Nutrisystem.

Coupons For Nutrisystem (source)

  1.  Save $30 with discount code 30OFFWEIGHTLOSS
  2.  Save 40% . The offer is currently available on the Nutrisystem official site

The above discounts and promotions give several options on weight loss. Nothing replaces checking in with a doctor before and during a weight loss program to make sure your body is working smoothly whatever you do it.

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