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by sarah on October 19, 2013

Medifast Blueberry MuffinI never thought I would get hooked on any diet plan that gives me the food I need to eat and then I learned about Medifast, the diet of choice for several people I know who recently lost significant amounts of weight. I have seen their Facebook updates and their photos, I was floored and yes, intrigued.

Over the summer, I researched Medifast and found out more about this specially formulated meal replacement plan begun by Dr. William Vitale. Individuals, who have been cleared by their doctor, begin 4-6 months of a fat-burning plan using 5 Medifast meals a day and one Lean & Green meal.

Participants can choose between a wide variety meals (shakes, soups, bars, cereal, crunchy snacks, etc.) for five of their meals. The last meal is your choice of a lean & green option. The nice thing about the lean & green option is that you can feel normal going out to eat with friends or even when eating in with family. You don’t have to have a bar on your plate when others are eating meat and veggies.

Initially, I invested in the 4-week online package of the On-The-Go meals using one of several online coupons I found. I didn’t realize that there was an option to have a health coach until afterward. With that option, you need to place a food order through a different page called Take Shape for Life to take advantage of it.

And, then there’s my local Medifast Weight Loss Center which I did start using for the accountability and the nutritional advice. At first I thought I would have a hard time getting in every week but it’s really helped. In roughly six weeks, I’ve lost 21 pounds now and I have 20 more to go and it feels great to be getting in shape again and feeling lighter in my loafers – literally. My shoes actually fit better now.

I have a number of friends who don’t live in my area and while they can certainly look for a center near them, there are also several ways to save online with a number of coupons like the ones listed below. I did find that while I liked the On-The-Go box with easy grab bars and cereals, I was glad to try some of the shakes, muffins and soups that I bought one box at the time during my weekly visit. The eggs were not my favorite but I’ve seen others combine them with salsa and other fun additives (within the plan) to make them more interesting, let’s say.

Here are some Medifast coupons for you if you like:

Save $67 —that’s 28 Free meals—with any purchase of $250 or more. Use coupon OCT31K. This coupon code is good for the month of October. The coupon for November will be NOV30K. The coupon for December is DEC31K.


Save $33—that’s 14 Free meals—with any purchase of $150 or more. Use code NICESAVE14 (expiration date unknown).


Save $135—that’s 58 Free Meals—and Free Shipping, when you enroll for free and become a member of money-saving Medifast Advantage. (Select Medifast Advantage at checkout. You will receive 28 free meals with your first $250+ order, and 28 more free meals with your second $250+ order)

Get this Deal


Get Free Shipping on $250+ orders. Use promotion code SHIPOCT13. Again, this coupon changes every month. Replace OCT with the first 3 letters of the current month.


Occasionally, Medifast publishes coupons on their official site. You can find all current Medifast coupons at any time on this page (just copy and paste on your browser):


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