Top TEN Reasons I couldn’t live without Goodwill

by sarah on September 27, 2013

We have a large Goodwill used clothing and home goods store near our house and my daughter was in there just the other day checking out the Halloween costume rack. This particular Goodwill is great for teen jeans too. You can shop all the brands you want. We’ve got some good donors in our area and we give a lot too.

Recently, I learned that Goodwill has an extensive job creation program that helps people from all different backgrounds establish work history, train for any number of relevant tasks and work on their resume. I guess I knew the stores created jobs but I really didn’t know how big their job training program was until I read more.

So, now I have MORE reasons why I can’t live without Goodwill. The top ten are as follows:

1. I love having a place to get rid of household items and clothes I no longer use.

2. My house sighs with relief when I fill my car for Goodwill.

3. Goodwill has a convenient store locator on their website for when I move.

4. There’s this awesome new donation impact calculator that tells me exactly how many job training hours I create when I donate stuff.

5. My kids need a place to check for Halloween and school drama costumes that aren’t uber-expensive.

6. And, they make cool public service announcements like the one below:

7. And, they are cool because they are on Facebook

8. And, Twitter.

9. And, because they are just cool all around.

10. And, well, just because.


To find a Goodwill near you, use the online locator at, or call (800) GOODWILL.

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