Keep the confusion out of the kitchen with Mabel’s Labels Wash Away Labels

by Alison on September 10, 2013

I’m not sure what is going on in our garden, but the past two years the tomato crop has been slim picking.  I’ve been to the farm stand more than once to purchase tomatoes and other summer crops to make up for lack of bounty here in New Jersey.  We have missed  picking a few Summer sun warmed tomatoes near dinner time and slicing them up to eat in a salad, with some mayo, or for a casserole.

Do you have a garden? Did you have a bounty this year? I hope you had a better season than we did.  If you had a bumper crop of produce maybe you are stocking up for the winter by canning your fresh vegetables.  Glass canning jars make it pretty easy to see what is inside, but if you want to label the jar or freezer bags Mabel’s Labels is my pick for a label.

It’s canning season and Mabel’s Labels has the perfect product for you, Wash Away Labels are dissolvable  and perfect for potluck dishes, bottles for daycare, frozen foods, containers of leftovers and of course canning jars.  When no longer needed, simply pop in the dishwasher or under running water to rinse off. Organizing your canning jars has never been this easy.

You can also write a personal note on your label if you are giving your canned good or baked good to someone for a gift. And don’t forget to label your container or casserole dish next time you head to a pot luck supper so you won’t have to ask is this yours or mine?

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