Halloween Costumes for Teens

by sarah on September 16, 2013

When my girls were little, we bought costumes resembling ladybugs and princesses, angels and pirates at online sites like Mr. Costumes or  in person in the sale aisle of Target or in temporary Halloween shops set up in the mall. As my girls have grown, we decided to movie the party in-house to enjoy the holiday under our own roof rather than trick-or-treating among the little ones roaming the neighborhood. To craft their costumes, my girls still enjoy checking out the online shops along with a glimpse through the racks of Goodwill and maybe a quick glance at Ebay perhaps.

Here are some of the outfits my daughter tried on this year to share some of her creations:

For Dr. Who Fans, it’s Amelia Pond with a long jacket, short skirt and red scarf:

Dr. Who Amy

For the grown-up princesses, be your own royalty using prom wear!

princess costume

Zombies are an easy creation with the right make-up.

zombie costume


pre-made adult costume makes a great Renaissance queen on my fave teen:

Teen Queen


And, then there’s the equestrian, using show clothes. Think about using sport clothes of any kind for an instant costume.

equestrian costume


What are you wearing for Halloween?


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Dorothy Allen October 3, 2013 at 2:48 PM

Yes, when the little one can no longer be wrapped up to look like a tootsie roll or a baby superwoman, the costume for Halloween becomes a new challenge. I love the DIY things that can receive the personal touches that make them unique. But usually, by the time I get around to that, there’s not enough time and I end up buying something off the shelf anyway. Our teens are certainly not babes but to feature them as all grown up isn’t exactly right either. Then, too, so many of the costumes attempt to use the teenaged sex idol image which is certainly not what’s desired. There’s lots of ideas for these big kids at our site that may help you in the decision making. Thanks for your blog. It has been enjoyable.

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