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by Alison on September 13, 2013

Have you heard of ecoupons from SavingStar? I am a coupon shopper but I don’t always take the time to clip or print coupons out as much as could.  It takes time to clip, organize, and make my list to take to the store. If I am shopping by myself I better able match my coupons up to the products I need to buy.  If I have kids along, I’ll have them help match up the coupon to the product. There are trips the coupons don’t leave my purse and that equals paying full price.

I use the Sunday paper coupons and print a few coupons out if the value is high because I think I spend more on ink than the coupon is worth sometimes-do you ever feel that way? If I can load coupons onto my shopper’s cards than I don’t have to clip or print. That saves me time and printer ink.

I use SavingStar to load coupons on to my shopper’s cards, that way I don’t have to clip any coupons or remember to take them to the store. This program is easy to set up, and easy to save. The value of the ecoupon you redeem is put into your account on SavingStar.   You can withdraw your savings at a set amount. I have a few dollars in this account so far and it’s so easy to add coupons to my cards for future shopping.

Sign up for your free SavingStar account to save digital grocery coupons directly to your store loyalty cards.



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