Wise Wednesday: $20 off membership at B.J’s

by Alison on August 14, 2013

B.J.’s wholesale club is offering $20 off the price of membership.  Did you know that the wholesale club’s name  is for Beverly Jean, who was a daughter of the first President of the store way back when.

I’ll admit I like to shop wholesale clubs. Why? The prices are great, the selection is great, and the merchandise is great-as in large. You can save money by buying in larger quantities, and you can also use manufactures coupons at B.J.’s wholesale club. If you have thought of joining B.J.’s wholesale club, now is the time to do it with a $20 off membership savings.

Shop for back to school.

Shop for lunch box fillers

Shop for Trick or Treat candy and try not to eat it before Halloween.

Shop for the holiday season’s gift giving. Gift baskets, toys, and more all under one really big roof.

Shop year long with manufactures coupons.

Signup for exclusive membership savings at BJ’s and receive up to $20 off.
Membership Discounts at BJ's!

Clip out manufactures coupons and take them to B.J’s on your next trip. Stock up on household needs and cut down on your running to the store for one item here and there when you run out of something. Think of the time and stops at the gas station you will save!

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