Get a A+ in savings on back to school shopping.

by Alison on August 30, 2013

The leaves on the trees are still green, the kids are back in school, and the smell of pumpkin flavored coffee is in the air.  One of my favorite things to do after I drop the kids off at school is to head to Target. Some days I was in the parking lot before the doors were open. I waited patiently in my car listening to the radio.

Once the door was opened and I was inside  I struggled to get a cart separated so I could fill it up with bargains and stuff I just could not live without.  What I did not realize the first year my kids were back in school and I went shopping all by myself in the early morning hours was that school supplies are marked down, as in deep discounted.

Our school list may have been fulfilled, but I stocked up on anything I thought would be needed in a month or two, even for next year. Crayons, markers, notebooks, even lunch boxes where loaded into my cart like I hit a gold mine. My kids friends used to say we had a warehouse in our basement because we were so stocked on school supplies. Neighbors called us for emergency poster board, a book sock that had to be on the book by the beginning of class and #2 pencils for test day. I was happy to share my bargain basement loot!

Now that my kids are in the college mode, we started dorm shopping Junior and Senior year of high school for the basics, such as a mattress cushion, towels, sheets, storage containers, and shower caddie. If college or living away from home is in your child’s future after high school now is the time to shop. Dorm and school items are on sale. Visit all the mass merchandise outlets, drug stores, grocery stores, and office supply stores for savings on supplies.

Don’t know what to buy for college? Look around the store near the dorm and school supplies for lists and  tear off pad list at the end of aisles, and check with other parents that have college kids for their suggestions.

This year I purchased an Eco Luncbox for my daughter to stash in her bookbag for a healthy lunch in between classes. Eco Lunchbox is easy to clean and keeps the food from being smushed in her bookbag.  I love the idea it’s not plastic, its sturdy, and stylish.  I’m looking forward to her  using Eco Lunchbox year after year!

ECOlunchbox - Healthy Lunchboxes


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