Wise Wednesday: Waste free Lunch boxes from EcoLunchBox

by Alison on July 11, 2013

Guess what I saw in this past Sunday’s newspaper? Back to School ads! Whoa,  didn’t  Summer just start?  Like it or not stores are bringing out the Fall clothing and school supplies. If you don’t start shopping now, some things sell out quickly. I remember one year I could not find a lunch box anywhere, or at least one my kids liked. We were down to the selection that no one bought.

Over the many years of packing school lunches I have accumulated all sizes and shapes of lunch box containers from sandwich holders to cupcake holders, we even have a purple container that looks like a bunch of grapes.

My kitchen has a cupboard dedicated to plastic ware, mostly small containers and mismatched lids and bowls. Thanks to my youngest it is now neat and tidy. We have switched over to glass or stainless steel containers for food storage. I have to admit the cupboard looks beautiful! Let’s hope it stays this organized.

For our lucnchbox needs we like the bento style boxes for packing lunch. Eco Lunch Boxes are stainless steel and easy to clean. So skip the plastic containers and go with spiffy non toxic containers and accessories from EcoLunchbox.

Waste-Free Lunchware by ECOlunchboxes.com

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