Versatile Vinegar – 150 + household uses!

by Karen on June 7, 2013

Vinegar is, of course, the “go to” ingredient when you want a tangy flavor or to cut oil in sauces, dressings and marinades; but it has many other uses.  I didn’t realize how many until I found an article in Reader’s Digest – 150 + uses for vinegar.

I want to replace cleaning products with less caustic ingredients when I can find those that perform adequately.  I thought  I’d start with a vinegar glass cleaner and searched for a “recipe”.  I was astounded when I saw all the uses outlined in this article.

There are, of course, several of which many homeowners are already aware.

  • cleaning: glass, hard plastic (like compute equipment)
  • polishing/shining:  silver, brass and copper, glass, chrome and stainless steel
  • stain removal rugs,
  • deoderiz er:  drains, smoke
  • sanitize:  remove mildew, countertops

I could write pages summing these up, but Reader’s Digest already did a great job!  Following are a few of which I was not aware.

  • revitalize leather furniture and suede
  • remove glued on items like labels and bumper stickers
  • remove stains from ovenware
  • pest control: fruit flies and other bugs
  • hair and skin care application

I currently use diluted bleach for several of the tasks listed in this article.  I’m going to try a lot of these to reduce my bleach use.

If these solutions work adequately, they are certainly a huge savings over commercial products.  I expect that I will try many of them and save a great deal of green by going green.


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