Have you considered vacationing for a cause? Opportunities for short-term missions and volunteer vacations abound

by Karen on June 7, 2013

Friends of mine just returned from a few weeks in Costa Rica – they were on a Short-Term Missions Trip.  It reminded me of a missions trip I took over 20 years ago – 2 weeks in Dublin, Ireland.  I used all of my vacation for the year and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life!

If your church or denomination does not have or promote short-term missions there are some sites that will help you locate opportunities appropriate for you.  Following are two which  look helpful.

Christian Volunteering has over 10,000 volunteer opportunites available through its website – search by location and keywords like skills you have to offer.

Short-Term Missions also allows you to search by location.

Mission trips are not the only way that you can use your vacation time to serve others.  There are many volunteer vacation opportunites available.   Search volunteer vacations and you will find a wide array of websites with extensive information and referrals.  If you are considering a volunteer vacation with your children, I recommend reading an article from the New York Times – Volunteer Vacations: Is Your Family Ready?

You could be in for a life-changing experience.


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