Earth Day NEWS: DIY Eco-Friendly Carwash by Washdrops

by sarah on April 22, 2013

A sunny day is the perfect time to clean off all the Spring polin accumulating in every crack and crevice of one’s cars, especially when one has a black Suburban and a black pickup that show EVERYTHING like we do!

This last Saturday was an even MORE perfect day to pull out all the great car cleaning supplies sent to us recently from Washdrops. We received the Highland Washdrops Wash and Shine Solution – 32 oz. along with several handy car cleaning tools from Grip-It and PitBull.

The cool thing about Washdrops is that not only does it helps comply with the US  Environment Protection Agency (EPA) Clean Water Act, but it is biodegradable, solvent-free, butyl free, phosphate free, and ammonia free. You can even dispose of Washdrops on a lawn or flowerbed. 

So basically, you can go green while getting rid of the green all over your car!

Washdrops were formulated to reduce water usage by creating a car cleaning solution that allows you to simply add one ounce per gallon of water.  Wash a section, dry it and you are done! No hose, no pre-rinse, no final rinse. Wow. That’s pretty amazing.

So, my favorite Handyguy had to run a side by side comparison. My husband and daughter worked together, washing and drying  his black pickup, section by section, before washing the Suburban the old-fashioned way.

I was shocked how fast the whole process went. I was like, “YOU ARE DONE ALREADY?!” and the truck looked great.

And, then, came the hose for the Suburban and my daughter carrying a huge bucket of super suds. Let’s put it this  way: she was definitely less dry afterward and it took three times as long, much more water and we STILL had streaks on the window.

My daughter’s first comment when we told her that her Saturday chore included washing the cars was, “Good, I’ll get a shower today” (Yikes!) and she did NOT get that with Washdrops but that’s not a bad thing.


FINAL CONCLUSION: Want a quick and easy clean with much less water, Washdrops does a great job!

{Disclosure: I received the Washdrops and car cleaning supplies for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.}

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