Moving? 5 tips for creating efficient storage in your new home

by Karen on March 20, 2013

I’ve downsized from a 3-bedroom townhouse to a 1 -bedroom apartment.  So creating efficient storage was of great importance to me; but even if you are not downsizing, it’s likely that  storage space in your new home will be different than that in your current home.  Here are some tips to help you create efficient storage in your new home.

  • Inventory your current storage:  what needs to be stored and where
  • Assess your new storage space: measure and map
  • Inventory  your current storage ontainers
  • Plan where currently stored items will be stored in your new home using the containers you own
  • Purchase new containers appropriate to your needs
and organize your new storage space!
Because of the huge decrease in storage opportunities, a great deal of my storage will now be out in the open.  I’ve acquired nesting pasteboard boxes in a floral pattern that coordinates with my furniture; they can be stacked on their own or in book shelves.

I also purchased some bins similar to these

elow from GetOrganized.  These also will go on the bookshelves for additional h
idden storage.      Go to



This, though, is my favorite organizing product so far.  I bought this anywhere rolling pantry for my last home.  I had a deep and narrow pantry in the kitchen and this worked like a charm.  It works perfectly in my new home as I have a deep and narrow storage closet and it works very well there, too!  Go to





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