Downsizing is difficult! What do I do with all this stuff?

by Karen on February 14, 2013

I’m getting ready to move from a 3-bedroom townhouse with a full basement and attic to a 1-bedroom apartment!  In addition to all the things I’ve collected, I have most of my parent’s possessions and many that came from my grandmother.   I have a lot of decisions to make!

Many of the organizational gurus suggest:

  • Work on one room at a time
  • Divide belongings into keep, divest, and maybe.
  • Designate bins and/or table tops for each category.
  • Be ruthless.
    • If you haven’t used it in a year – divest yourself of the item
    • Sentimental items should be kept only if you will use them; take a picture of the item if you want a remembrance
  • Let the maybe pile sit for a day or two and then decide to keep or divest.

How to divest yourself of unwanted / unneeded items:

  • Have a downsizing sale – this name is important as it alerts buyers that there are likely to be more quality items than one would find at a typical yard or garage sale.
  • Advertise in classifieds or on websites like Craig’s list.
  • Post on e-bay, or on etsy if the item is vintage.
  • Consign – check with the consignment store for hours when they accept items and their standards.   For instance, some shops accept items only on wire hangers.
  • Contact auctioneers
  • Contact buyers.  There is an e-bay store, they handle e-bay ales for a fee,  near me that buys out estates and the like.


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