Turn your used light bulb into Santa, or Cupid, or The Easter Bunny

by Alison on January 3, 2013

I can not count how many times I have been in a craft store with my daughter the knitter.  I am not a knitter so I browse the store while she contemplates on colors and types of yarn she needs.  The funny thing about craft stores are that the holiday craft material are on the shelves way before the holiday. If you are a crafty person you know that you have to get your supplies and start making your crafts way ahead of the holiday.

This time of year is a good time to think about crafts you can make for next Christmas because you’ll find them on deep discount in most major stores and even some local craft stores. So stock up!

check out ebay for craft supplies at bargain prices!

I did not make these ornaments, but they look like something I could make! I found these cute handmade ornaments at a local craft store. guess what? These are made out of used light bulbs!   I bought a few of these at Halloween and then found these holiday bulbs right before Christmas.

Tips to make your own light bulb decoration:

Save you used light bulbs, ask your friends and relatives to save their’s  too

buy the embellishments now at big savings from craft stores

Paint, and decorate your  light bulbs. Use as  decorations or give as gifts

Supplies needed:

used light bulbs

paint-use white paint to coat the bulb then another coat of the color you want

ribbon to hang on tree or elsewhere

embellishments for character

markers for features

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