Save money cooking from scratch – Cooking Light can help

by Karen on January 27, 2013

With few exceptionspackaged foods cost more than cooking from scratch.  We are charged for the work that goes into prepared foods.  Think of all the ingredients for a frozen entree.

  • the scratch materials
  • the preparation – chopping, slicing, cooking
  • the chefs who plan the dishes
  • the nutritionists who weigh in
  • the packaging
  • the artist who designs the packaging

Now, think how much you can save by eliminating all but the first item.

Certainly scratch cooking costs you in terms of time – but you can double recipes and freeze the remaining servings for a future meal.

Cooking Light magazine helped me to get on the “from scratch” road.  Each issue contains dozens of recipes, the vast majority without prepared ingredients, ingredients. techniques and all things food.   There are also features concerning health and beauty.

Cooking Light is offering 2 two subscriptions for the price of one.   You might want to partner with a friend or give the second subscription as a gift.  Click below to purchase a subscription.

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