Oh, how I love ebay. . . .Sign up for 80% off Deal Alerts

by sarah on November 14, 2012

Oh, how I love ebay . . .let me count the ways:

1. They were my first foray into e-commerce with my hot stash of Ty Beanie Babies – way back in the day.

2. I have sold many, many things on ebay over the years.

3. I have bought many, many things on ebay over the years.

4. The site lets the world be your audience (like the time I bought a shoe cleaning stand and supplies at a garage sale for $8 and sold it to a man in Japan for $35.)

I have sold things too cheap and bought things too expensive but overall,  I have been very happy with my ebay experience. More recently, I have been buying up pottery made here in Phoenixville over 100 years ago. I would tell you the name but I don’t want competition! It’s been fun to see what new pieces go up on the site and what I can afford!

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