Are you willing to give your name to help adults read?

by sarah on November 13, 2012

I love to read. My girls love to read. Page after page, words become worlds in which we escape and enter new dimensions, new experiences and we learn from the ancient wisdom that came before us. When I hear that there are adults who can’t read, it breaks my heart.

Words open job opportunities; words create a special bond between child and parent; words tell the story of God given to us in the Bible. But, the English language provides all kinds of unique difficulties to overcome.

For example, did you know:

 The letters H, I, O, and X are the only letters that look the same if you flip them upside down or view them from behind.

– “W” is the only letter in the alphabet that does not have one syllable. It has three!

“Underground” is the only word that begins and ends with “und”.

(From Fun Word Facts)

BUT, right now, an anonymous donor has agreed to contribute $1 to adult literacy for every valid name and email address received by the Mercury (our local paper in Pottstown, PA) if you sign up HERE.

Bloggers around Pottstown have agreed to spread the word about this program which will specifically benefit the YWCA’s literacy programs as described below:

The  YWCA Employment & Literacy Services Program provides education and training to assist individuals in achieving self-sufficiency educationally and economically at no cost.  Illiteracy, lack of educational achievement (high school diploma/GED) and lack of employment experience are significant barriers to gainful employment, economic security and advancement, and self-sufficiency.  Educational programming (literacy and job readiness training) empowers adults with the knowledge and skills to advance their educational and economic status.

Again, for every valid name and email address received, an anonymous donor has agreed to contribute $1, with no cap on donations. All YOU need to do is to click HERE and fill in your name and email and hit SUBMIT before December 11, 2012. Show that you love reading like I do and that you want to help at NO cost to YOU!

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