I’ve cleaned out my closet, now what do I do with the unwanted items?

by Alison on March 20, 2012

The amount of “stuff” in my house is starting to weigh on my mind.

I have to remind myself it is not all my stuff. I don’t live in the house alone. So I started at the top of the house with  my bedroom closet. The closet I am referring to is “my” closet because my husband has his own closet to maintain. This day of cleaning out the closet began with me taking out numerous purses, tote bags, and small pieces of luggage. My husband looked at the pile of purses on the floor and said I have one wallet. I use it until it wears out, then I buy another one. Ok, I’ll just use one purse forever. Oh wait a minute-what about the purses I have for different seasons, different events, different outfits?  I need to keep these purses.

Next came the shoe sorting. I had shoes in the closet I have not worn for more years than I care to remember. They can go.  I added some dresses to that pile also.   The purse pile is not any smaller, but I am thinking about it.

The rest of the clothing is sorted into piles to keep, piles to donate. The keep pile has been folded and placed on the shelf or hung on a hanger. I had to buy more hangers, and found them on sale 12 for $1.00 at a major department store.

For the bags of clothing, shoes, and a few select purses I can part with I load up the truck and head to our local GoodWill donation center. Upon arriving at the donation center a nice person will help you unload your car and offer you a tax receipt for you donation of goods.  Make sure you save this and any other donation receipts you accumulate through the year. I use a folder to store any papers and receipts that we will need to file our taxes for the next year.

Spring and Fall are the major times I see household goods added to the curbside for trash pickup.  It is hard for me  to imagine that someone would throw away toys, clothing or any other household items that are still in good shape.

Here are some of my favorite organizations to donate household goods to:

Goodwill-drop off goods at local donation center

Freecycle.org-offer your un-wanted items to someone else for free.

Vietnam Veterans of  America-home pick up of goods, you don’t need to be home. They leave a donation receipt for tax purposes.

Here are a few ideas to earn money on your unwanted items:

Consignment shopsearn money on clothing the shop sells for you. They keep a percentage of the sale.

Thrift Shops-donate your goods to a shop that benefits a church or organization that helps others.

Yard Sales are a good motivation to get rid of unwanted items, and earn money.   Check with you town to see if they offer a community yard sale day. If your town requires a yard sale permit, the fee is often waived on the community yard sale day. You can also rent a table or stand from organizations like churches or schools that hold yard sales.  Take  advantage of the shopping traffic these community yard sales attract when you hold your sale on these days.

What is your favorite way to get rid of unwanted items?


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