tubIf you are considering remodeling a full bathroom, perhaps the most important factor on your mind is the new bathtub or shower. When looking for examples of quality new showers and bathtubs, Pinterest and vendors like Decor Planet are a highly useful resource because you can peruse countless different types of baths, showers, and related accessories that can inspire you. This large number of products is particularly helpful, because it means more opportunity for you to find a shower or tub customized to perfectly complement the rest of your bathroom. In short, you should look for a shower or bathtub with all the features you desire, made of durability materials and at size that you need.


Depending on the model, showers and bathtubs can include many different luxury features. Finding the product with all of the features you want will enhance your satisfaction with your purchase greatly. Some such features can include:

  • Temperature sensors
  • Ceiling lights
  • Storage shelves for easy access to toiletries
  • Handheld shower heads
  • Massage jets
  • Handles for added safety entering or exiting the tub or shower


Be sure to also keep in mind the durability factor when looking to purchase a new bathtub or shower. These pieces often constitute a big investment, so it pays to make sure you get the most long-lasting model available. Otherwise, you may face repair costs in the near future. The best way to determine a product’s durability is by taking a close look at the materials which it is made out of, as well as the quality of construction. Bathtubs with stainless steel frames, for example, are a good choice because of their durability. These tubs often have longer warranties to back up this sturdiness.


Depending on the size of the bathroom that you are working with, you may find yourself somewhat limited in terms of how large the shower of bathtub can be. For this reason, a space-efficient piece is always a good option. There are many showers in particular that take up little floor space, but are nonetheless spacious and luxurious on the inside. In any case, be sure to plan out how much area you can devote to a shower or tub, so as to get a sense for your options that will fit comfortably in your bathroom.

The Ideal Full Bathroom

For many homeowners, the shower or bath is the most important component of the bathroom. It is where you will likely spend the greatest amount of time on a day to day basis, so it is certainly worth making sure it lives up to your expectations. With the right features, a durable composition, and the right dimensions to fit your bathroom, your new tub or shower can truly be ideally suited to your needs.



Infographic: Cross-Selling versus Upselling

by sarah on December 17, 2014

Ever wonder what you are doing wrong? Here is a great infographic with some tips for selling more and creating relationships in the process.

Cross-Selling to Your Customer's Heart Infographic
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