Understanding T-Hinges: What, Where and Why

by sarah on November 13, 2014

t-hingesUnderstanding T-Hinges: What, Where and Why

T-hinges are responsible for holding your door in place while also allowing for freedom of movement. They may not be the flashiest part of the structure, but they’re one of the most vital, which is why their utility has evolved into other areas of the home as well. While most commonly found on things like garage doors and toolbox lids, they can be used on almost anything that needs to be opened and closed on a regular basis.

So what if you’re in the market for good t-hinges? What should you be looking for in a product? Consider this the beginner’s guide to t-hinges.


Like the name implies, t-hinges are shaped like the letter “T.” Depending on your needs, however, t-hinges can come in a variety of sizes and proportions, so sometimes your “T” can be quite distended. That’s okay! As long as the horizontal part attaches to the door frame and the vertical part screws into the door itself, it’s still a usable t-hinge.


You can buy t-hinges in everything from brass to stainless steel. The latter is more popular because of its longevity and resistance to rust, but the former is sometimes preferred for its aesthetic. You can also customize your t-hinges with different finishes or coatings; zinc, copper and black powder are some of the most versatile. You can even have your hinges passivated for further protection.


There are two types of t-hinge: The first is a “heavy hinge” with a thickness of at least 0.090″, and the second is a “light hinge” that consists of anything below it. If you’re trying to outfit something small or portable, you’ll probably want a light hinge; if you need strong hinges for your garage or warehouse, go for the heavy ones.

These are just a few things you should understand about the t hinge before you go shopping. Many builders don’t even realize the importance of hinges until their creations fall apart from sub-par materials, but you don’t have to be one of them. Buy the right equipment today to enjoy satisfaction tomorrow.



Hot tubs, Mississauga

If you’re looking for a home-improvement idea in Mississauga that will add value to your home, you might consider adding a hot tub. There are several ways in which hot tubs, such as Hydropool, upgrade your home and improve your resale prospects. They offer health and entertainment value and are a warm source of relaxation during the winter.

The Health Benefits

It is recommended to speak to a healthcare professional before starting any new health regimen. However, many people have found benefits from spending time in a hot tub. A hot tub is used for hydrotherapy and hot-water massages. They increase blood circulation, relax muscles and may relieve pain in the back. The massage may also relieve the pain from arthritis and reduce blood sugar levels. A good soak can also help heal sports injuries. Even for people with no ailments, they help reduce stress.

The Entertainment Benefits

If your hot tub is installed in your garden or on a porch or deck, it automatically becomes the focal point of your outdoor social activities. Friends and family will gather around to get their chance for a good soak. Children enjoy the warm massage after a hard day at football practice or doing their homework. It’s a great activity that is enjoyable long into the cool days of autumn.

The Latest Technology

Technology and innovation have made it even easier to care for your hot tub. Self-cleaning systems filter 100 percent of the water every 15 minutes and skim the surface to remove oils and debris. The grit that has settled to the floor of the tub is vacuumed, so you can be confident that you are soaking in clean, hygienic water.

Your energy bills will not become inflated with the new energy-efficient hot tub technology. The insulation that keeps the water at the right temperature has also improved over the years. Today, polyfilm barriers support the plumbing and give easy access for maintenance personnel. The waste heat from the motor is recycled, and with eco-friendly heat exchangers, the excess heat is expelled in the summer and trapped in the winter.

You can renovate your home and landscape your backyard to upgrade your home, but adding a hot tub inside or outside takes its resale value to a whole new level. You’ll also enjoy the health benefits and have a lot of fun with your family and friends.


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Freebie Friday offers from Quest, Tena, and Rewards Gold magazines.

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