Tips to Make Sense of Health Care Reform

by sarah on January 20, 2015

Health-Insurance-1Recently, I went to see an eye doctor only to be turned away because the insurance provider recently changed its policies. The eye doctor was as shocked as I that they couldn’t take us and I was told that everyone is still trying to figure out the new rules so they can give service AND get paid.

Long story short, if you are struggling to understand all the ins and outs of health care, you are not alone.

We as a family have also been hit with higher deductibles by our healthcare insurance and I feel like I can’t even go to the doctor anymore because we get charged for everything now. I am trying to understand the new rules and laws myself and like many Americans (and medical providers), find myself very confused.

If you are confused, there are several things you can do right now to understand more about your healthcare options. I have shared below several videos that may help you but you can also access many more informational resources on the UHC website when it comes to understanding the Affordable Care Act and what it means for your family.

Educate Yourself

Here is a quick overview explaining a few things about the healthcare reform in general.

Compare Health Plans

During open enrollment between November 15 and February 15, you can pick a plan that best fits your family’s need. Watch the video below to learn more. (Hint: Look at what’s covered and consider what your needs are!)


Know the Facts

Here are a few health insurance myths and facts… in case you think simply not having insurance works for you.


Ask the Right Questions

Know what you need and how much it will cost.

Looking for more? Try reading the ABCs of the Affordable Care Act on the UnitedHealthcare website and read about qualifying life events so you can get healthcare in certain situations even if it is not during open enrollment.

Whether you understand the process or not, not having some sort of health insurance in not the right answer.


Finding Your Niche In Volunteerism

by sarah on January 19, 2015

#gogoldVolunteering gives you the opportunity to significantly change life for the better for someone else. Aside from the joy of helping others, there is a deep satisfaction in knowing that your life has meaning and your talents are being used in a constructive way.

Many people would like to volunteer, but they struggle with knowing where they fit and where to volunteer. Here are some guidelines to help you get started.

Identify Your Passion

Most people who find a good fit in volunteerism start with a burden, something they would really like to do for others. Most often, this is motivated by life events. You may have struggled with something in your own life, or been moved over the plight of someone else you know or have seen. Volunteerism involves a certain amount of sacrifice, but the sacrifice of time, money or other essentials will seem small, if you really believe in what you are doing.

Start Where You Live And Branch Out

The next important step is to match your passion with an organization that needs your help. This is not as hard as it seems. Volunteer opportunities abound, even in the sparsest of communities, but often they operate behind the scenes and go unnoticed. Government, church, school and political organizations are helpful in giving specific direction toward useful charities in your own local community.

The internet is another valuable source of information. Search websites for the cause you have in mind, as well as forums and social media.

Large national charitable organizations often spearhead the development of other smaller organizations. They usually have ways you can get involved in your local community, or even start your own organization, if none currently exists.

Use Your Business As A Charitable Source

If you own a business, you can provide significant help to a cause you support, simply by offering a percentage of your profits to them. Successful business partnerships have been formed this way, such as in the case of the partnership between Palmco and the American Childhood Cancer Organization. Partnering with a charitable organization to give them a share of your profits will not only benefit them in a very tangible way, but will give your business notoriety and positive publicity.

The more you reach out to others, the more you will realize that the opportunities to directly help others by volunteering are endless.


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